Residential Tree Services

Residential Tree & Landscaping Services

International Tree Experts specializes in maintaining a safe, healthy and beautiful landscape around your home. Our skilled, dedicated and local team is focused not only on doing a professional job but developing a long-term relationship with our clients that will last the life of your tree care needs.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is necessary when a tree becomes decayed, diseased or hazardous. We have the experience and knowledge to remove any tree from your property.​

Stump Grinding

Stump removal made easy and affordable. If you’re getting rid of a tree, we remove the stubborn, unsightly, stumps as well as remove all of the debris.


Tree pruning should be done to reduce tree risk, manage tree health and structure, improve aesthetic value, etc. Get it all done the right way by having our experts take care of it.

Lawn Installation

Installing a lawn in your landscape adds beauty and increases the living space in your yard. We install durable lawns that will last for years to come.

Tree Preservation

Properly preserved trees can better withstand wind and storms. Our trained arborists use some of the best techniques so that large trees and structures can both safely exists.

Tree Evaluation

During a tree structure evaluation, we’ll look for symptoms of decay, weakly attached branches, cracks and splits, saturated soils and root problems.

Certified Registered Forester Available

Registered Professional Foresters (RPFs) are charged with the care and management of California’s forests. A RPF is a person knowledgeable in a wide range of studies such as biology, ecology, entomology, geology, hydrology, meteorology, silviculture, engineering, business administration, archaeology, and forest economics. RPFs use their well-rounded backgrounds to maintain the productivity, ecology, and quality of our forest environments.

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